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Executive Support

Liaison and Coordination:

  • Interacting with clients, vendors, and internal teams.

  • Representing executives in certain communications.

  • Organising and managing client and stakeholder communications.

  • Handling confidential information with discretion.

  • CRM Data entry and database management.


Time and Task Management:

  • Prioritising tasks to ensure timely completion.

  • Efficient multitasking across varied assignments.


Detail-Oriented Services:

  • Keen attention to detail, ensuring tasks are executed with accuracy.

  • Quality assurance for all deliverables.

  • Regularly updating and reviewing task lists and agendas.


Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement:

  • Regularly updating skills and tools used.

  • Adapting to new software and platforms as needed.

  • Staying updated with industry trends and best practices.

meeting room with people

Customer Experience


Communication Enhancement:

  • Strategies to amplify customer communication and interactions.

  • Ensuring prompt and efficient customer responses for an unparalleled
    end-to-end experience.


Customer Experience Strategy Development:

  • Crafting and implementing strategies aligned with company objectives
    and target audience needs.


Diversity & Inclusivity Initiatives:

  • Rich experience in voluntary work focusing on workplace diversity and inclusivity.

  • Strategy formulation to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all customers.

  • Emphasis on enhancing customer experience through inclusivity measures.


Overall Commitment:

  • Dedication to instigating positive shifts In customer experience.

  • Delivering measurable results benefiting overall business success.

  • Comprehensive expertise in operations and executive support augmented
    by a profound commitment to inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

Laughing Work Colleagues

Event Management


Team and Staffing Solutions:

  • Assembling and managing teams specific to event needs.

  • Delegation and task management for smooth event operations.


Event Marketing & Promotion:

  • Creating effective marketing strategies tailored to the event.

  • Overseeing ticket sales strategies and mechanisms, if applicable.


Logistics & Technical Assistance:

  • Ensuring top-notch audio-visual and technical setups.

  • Coordinating transportation and accommodation solutions if required.


Risk Management & Safety:

  • Providing contingency plans tailored to specific events.

  • Ensuring all safety and health regulations are met and maintained.


Day-of-Event Management:

  • Overseeing all event facets on the day for flawless execution.

  • Problem-solving on the spot for any unforeseen challenges.


Post-Event Services:

  • Gathering feedback for continuous improvement and future planning.

  • Ensuring timely vendor payments and contract closures.


Tony and Bev Amaechi, Owners, Panoramic Villas Limited

Karen is a top professional whom we are delighted to have found and be working with.  Firstly, she is a great listener, making sure she understands the brief, but she also will bring in her ideas and opinions with positivity and clarity. 


Secondly, her energy is infectious, and her diligence to ensure delivery is exceptional.  Working with Karen is an experience to look forward to, and we highly recommend Karen to your business!

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