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 About Me

Karen McLaren

In London, U.K., Karen McLaren is a standout figure in Operations and Executive Support.
With a rich blend of knowledge gathered from domains like executive assistance and elite customer service,
she emerges as a symbol of skill and distinction in executive support.

Boasting an impressive history of over 15 years in finance, Karen's capabilities span the spectrum from diary management
and travel arrangements to orchestrating events and crafting meticulous reports, presentations,
and premium correspondence. Her expertise in secretarial and administrative tasks is truly unparalleled.

Her extensive experience in the executive support arena has shaped her into an indispensable resource,
particularly as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager serving the C-suite in prestigious
Investment banking establishments. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Karen ensures exceptional experiences
for senior executives, colleagues, and external associates.


In her recent role as a Program Manager for JPMorgan's 'Code for Good' hackathon initiative,
Karen adeptly connected the dots between academia and the corporate world.
She collaborated with educational bodies to promote STEM fields and led the charge in recruiting university talent
from cities like London, Glasgow, Dublin, and African regions. This endeavour underscores her ability to steer complex
projects and showcases her adaptability in areas such as Banking and Wealth Management.


JP Morgan


Morgan Stanley

Programme Manager

As a Code for Good program manager, Karen planned in-person and virtual hackathons in EMEA, bringing together prospective talent and employees to build prototypes that helped social good organisations better serve their constituents. She initiated innovative solutions, streamlined systems, and processes, and drove efficiency, productivity, and profitability to contribute to broader company objectives.

Executive Secretary

As an executive secretary, Karen was responsible for updating diary arrangements in line with requests and disseminating the information as necessary to ensure the diary was accurate and up to date. Also, prepared and formatted documents as requested according to established UBS standards and branding guidelines. 

Executive Secretary

As a proprietary trading executive assistant at Morgan Stanley, Karen was in charge of updating scheduling commitments based on incoming requests, managing personal and business travel arrangements, overseeing the ordering of work equipment, and handling expense management to ensure all costs were accurately tracked and reported. She diligently ensured that all appointments were accurately reflected in the diary. Additionally, she crafted and formatted documents in alignment with the established standards and branding guidelines of Morgan Stanley.

Volunteer Services

"Years of Commitment: Karen's Legacy in Volunteer Work"
food and laptop drive

Laptop and Hamper Project

I led a volunteer project that provided laptops to underprivileged schoolchildren in our local area. With the help of dedicated volunteers, we delivered 100 laptops and an interactive workshop to four schools. Our focus on STEM education and ongoing relationships with these schools will continue to make a difference. To further support the schools and families, we coordinated the delivery of 265 food hampers containing essential items before the summer break. Generous donations from friends and family funded our efforts. Additionally, we organised Youth Cyber Awareness workshops and interactive coding sessions to continue supporting the community.

school governor

Local School Governor

As a passionate local school governor, my primary duties include overseeing the school's strategic direction, policies, finances, and legal obligations while engaging with stakeholders to understand their needs and advocating for the school within the community. I am deeply committed to promoting inclusive education and fostering a supportive environment where all students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Pink Flat International Womens Day Instagram Post

Women's Networking Group

As the organiser of a women's networking group, I create a safe and supportive environment for women to address challenging topics that may not be discussed elsewhere. From menopause to finances to women's health, we cover topics that the group needs. The meetings encourage open dialogue and learning from each other. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and empowering women in this way is an honour.

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