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Karen McLaren


Delve into a realm where unparalleled customer experience meets dedication and expertise. As a seasoned Operations and Executive Support Professional, I'm passionate about enhancing your business through precise strategy and a commitment to inclusivity. Whether you're seeking to refine customer interactions, prioritise inclusivity, or improve overall satisfaction, you're in the right place. Navigate through to discover how I can be the catalyst driving your company towards success and customer loyalty. Let's build, innovate, and grow together.

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Karen McLaren


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I can take care of it, so you're free to focus your resources elsewhere

Executive Support

Services I Offer:


Executive Support:

  • Comprehensive client support using a unique skill set.

Administrative Expertise In:

  • Diary management.

  • Travel booking and itinerary planning.

  • Expenses management 

Correspondence Production, including:

  • Reading and responding to emails.

  • Drafting letters and official communications.

  • Coordinating and setting up meetings, including logistics and technical support.

Customer Experience

Services I Offer:


Operations & Executive Support:

  • Expertise in enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Recognition of customer experience as a pivotal factor for business success.


Customer Relationship Management:

  • Assistance in building and maintaining positive customer relationships.

  • Identifying areas of improvement in customer experience.

  • Pinpointing and addressing pain points in existing processes.

Event Management

Services | Offer:

Event Planning & Coordination:

  • Consultation to understand event requirements

  • Detailed event plans, including timelines and budget considerations.

  • Venue selection and booking guidance.


Vendor & Supplier Coordination:

  • Identifying the best vendors for specific event needs (caterers to entertainers).

  • Identifying the best sustainable vendors for clients

  • Assisting with contract negotiations and ensuring timely delivery of services.

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